Vol 38, No 2 (2015)

Media Peternakan

Table of Contents


Identification of Rabbit Myostatin Gene Polymorphisms PDF
Tya I Amalianingsih, B. Brahmantiyo, . Jakaria 77-81
Ovarian Dynamic in Ongole Grade Cattle after GnRH Injection in Ovsynch Protocol Based on Progesterone Device PDF
Muhammad Imron, Iman Supriatna, . Amrozi, Muhammad Agus Setiadi 82-88
Characteristics of Se’i (Rotenesse Smoked Meat) Treated with Coconut Shell Liquid Smoked and Citrus aurantifolia Extract PDF
Gemini E.M. Malelak, G.M. Sipahelut, I.G.N. Jelantik, M.R. Deno Ratu, H.J.D. Lalel 89-94
Crop-Cattle Integrated Farming System: An Alternative of Climatic Change Mitigation PDF
. Munandar, Fitra Gustiar, . Yakup, R. Hayati, A. I. Munawar 95-103
Identification of a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism at Hinf-1 Enzyme Restriction Site of Pit-1 Gene on Indonesian Bali Cattle Population PDF
Jakaria Jakaria, Ronny R Noor 104-109
Comparative Study of Milk Production and Feed Efficiency Based on Farmers Best Practices and National Research Council PDF
Dewi Ayu Lestari, Luki Abdullah, . Despal 110-117
Milk Yield, Somatic Cell Count, and Udder Measurements in Holstein Cows at Different Lactation Number and Months PDF
Ayhan Ceyhan, Mahmut Çinar, Ugur Serbester 118-122
Utilization of Mungbean’s Green House Fodder and Silage in the Ration for Lactating Dairy Cows PDF
Rika Zahera, Idat Galih Permana, . Despal 123-131
Productivity and Nutrient Quality of Some Sorghum Mutant Lines at Different Cutting Ages PDF
Rizki Eka Puteri, Panca Dewi Manu Hara Karti, Luki Abdullah, . Supriyanto 132-137
Selection of Lactic Acid Bacteria as Probiotic Candidate for Chicken PDF
Fathin Hamida, Komang G Wiryawan, Anja Meryandini 138-144

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