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The development of science and technology in agriculture, has been instrumental in increasing the production of various agricultural commodities. But climate change is also uncertain world led to decreased agricultural productivity. World energy crisis resulted in higher prices of agricultural commodities due to competition between food and energy are higher. Efforts to utilize biomass (agricultural products) has started a lot of research, not only as raw material for bioenergy, but also in an attempt to exploit agro-products into valuable economic products, and realize clean production in agro-industry.
In this edition we present two interesting research papers relating to renewable energy, namely the unique behavior of castor seeds during seed storage and use of rubber as a raw material biokerosin. Papers circulated for the application pipe venture degradation inhibition of sucrose in sugar cane has been shown to increase sugar production. In addition, the results of research on the institutional choice model agropolitan agro-based, and an assessment decision support system for managing the supply chain in the agro-horticulture and control of crystal sugar production process are also presented in an interesting in this edition.
The use of compost and activated charcoal as a filler gas biofilter on the removal of H2S in wastewater treatment gas, and utilization of banana stem cellulose into glucose complete the studies on agro-waste management in this edition. At the conclusion will be presented an overview of research and development for cassava-based industries. Thing that we should look to see the trend of development of agro in the future. Happy reading. Hopefully useful.

ISSN: 0216 - 3160

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ISSN: 0216-3160